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Aircraft Exterior - Aerocoat


Aerocoat  is a process not a product and comes from the space industry 

It is widely adopted technology and is on lots of things including your phone.

We have adapted this technology for Aviation and we are in our 6th year with this development and have lifted many aircraft alleviating the need for respray and returning cruise speeds back to new.


It starts with preparing and lifting the surface of  the material  then applying a hard SIO2 nano coating to the wear surfaces and UV presented surfaces.

Polymer based coatings for underside and remote areas. 


Restores aircraft paintwork to the original factory look regardless of age


Retains brand new and glass like finish to aircraft paintwork


Cost effective alternative to aircraft respray


UV resistant – Repairs UV damage on paintwork


Zero corrosion & hydrophobic


Reduction in boundary layer drag so less fuel burn 


Reduction in cleaning time and costs.

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Aerocoat Testimonials

"We are impressed with Cavendish's level of service and work and
Aerocoat gives our aircraft greatly enhanced paintwork."

Steve Borrowdale, Managing Director, Multiflight

"That special gleam you get on a new car or aeroplane is just always
there with Aerocoat."

Tim Orchard, former Concorde pilot 

There are many happy customers with this service give us a call to discuss

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