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Cavendish Aviation has put the TB series of plane back on the map of pilots in the UK and Northern Europe with our Cavendish Socata restoration range of aircraft.

Designed and built in the French town of Tarbes in the mid-Seventies, the single engine Socata TB ceased mainstream production over a decade ago but Cavendish Aviation restores this heritage aircraft back to former glories.

Our Cavendish Socata comes with an exclusive Aerocoat paint protection finish plus bespoke leather seats, yokes, new carpets and basic avionics to allow pilot preference upgrades.

A care plan featuring back to base one year warranty with service and next year’s annual inspection is included in the price allowing pilots to own a well fitted out aircraft with fixed flying costs.


The TB series was commonly known as the Caribbean Plane with various models named after Trinidad & Tobago in the West Indies.

Our first Cavendish Socata restoration was a 1980 TB-10, serial number 58, with a cruising speed of 110 knots which was featured on the front cover of Pilot magazine in October 2016.

"As I walk towards the gleaming TB-10 I simply can't believe that
this is a 33-year-old airframe." 

Dave Unwin, Pilot magazine

"A very nice, modern, fairly fast and very roomy aircraft for a fraction of the
cost of a new model."

Dave Calderwood, Flyer

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